Accepted Masters and Doctoral Colloquium (MDC) Papers

ID Title Author(s) Country
MDC 1 Automated Web Performance Analysis, with a Special Focus on Prediction Martin Pinzger Austria
MDC 2 The Architecture of a Web Service-Based Remote Control Service System Xi Guo UK
MDC 3 Towards a Mashup-driven End-User Programming of SOA-based Applications Tobias Nestler Germany
MDC 4 A Mobile Trusted Computing Architecture for a Near Field Communication Ecosystem Gerald Madlmayr Austria
MDC 5 Usability Metric for Mobile Application: A Goal Question Metric (GQM) Approach Azham Hussain UK
MDC 7 Identity in Massively Multiplayer Online games: A Qualitative Pilot Study Alex Meredith UK
MDC 8 On Using Provenance Data to Increase the Reliability of Ubiquitous Computing Environments Muhammad Imran Austria
MDC 10 Virtual Data Integration on the Web Novel Methods for Accessing Heterogeneous and Distributed Data with Rich Semantics Andreas Langegger Austria