Camera Ready Submission

The submission procedure must be done separately for each accepted paper.

Fill out the following form to submit your camera ready version of your paper.
Name and email address of the first author are needed.

1.) Fill and sign the ACM camera ready copyright form of your paper. Please consider to fill the full title of your paper and at least one author. Rename it to cf_registeredConference/Workshop_paperID_lastname.pdf.

2.) Produce a pdf file of your paper with the name registeredConference/Workshop_paperID_lastname.pdf.

3.) To speed up the publication process please add the Latex or Word sources of your paper and archive the files (zip or rar) to registeredConference/

4.) Upload your signed copyright form.

5.) Upload the zip archive, containing a pdf file of your paper and the paper sources.

Please understand, that this is the system for final cameraready version of your paper. If you want to update your submitted paper, please send again the copyright form and the sources for the updated paper.

Full Paper
Short Paper
Erpas Paper

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