Universtiy 2.0 - Are we there yet?

Panel Chair

Matt Glowatz
University College Dublin, Ireland


In the past decade education sector is faced with tectonic changes. Not only interactions among stakeholders in the education processes are changed, new methods of teaching, learning and new business models are being explored.

Over the past years, discussions evolved around topics and areas focussing on virtual learning environments and the use of social media in educational process predominantly in the ICT and business oriented schools. Today the use of ICT among the student generation is widely adopted and as such all the studies, from engineering to humanities, are faced with these challenges.

This workshop will discuss and seek answers to the following questions in the context of eLearning (electronic learning) and sLearning (social learning):

• How we can use the existing technologies to support different kinds of studies, learning styles, and education curriculum?

• How do we adjust and reinvent methodologies to support different learning goals and expected outcomes?

• How do we adjust the organizational structures and processes, define new business models that will work in the so-called University 2.0?

• What are the roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders in this new environment? Can we bring education, science and industry closer by using modern ICT in an innovative way?

It is anticipated to attract speakers from several universities and industry in order to assess the current state of University 2.0 and pave the way for future research and practice.


Matt Glowatz has been a college lecturer in the MIS Subject Area at University College Dublin (UCD) since 1997 lecturing both undergraduate and postgraduate courses covering topics such as Social Media Strategy, Strategic Information Systems Management, ICT Project Management, Electronic Business and Digital Marketing.

Matt was the director for UCD’s Master of Science (MSc) in iBusiness (Innovation through ICT) programme from 2005 until 2012, currently acts as the academic coordinator for international students and serves on the UCD School of Business Teaching & Learning committee. Matt is also the “Social Media in Higher Education” liaison for the Higher Education and Teaching and Learning Association (HETL) and was invited to join the advisory board for the Inclusive Design Research Centre (IDRC) of Ireland being responsible for Social Media and eLearning.

Matt received twice the Excellence in Teaching Awards in the Higher Diploma of Business Studies (IT) programme. He won the Educational Contribution Award at the Irish Internet Association's Net Visionary Awards 2006 recognizing his significant contribution to the Irish Internet Industry through education. He is also a regular media contributor in eBusiness related matters.