Message from the President of @WAS

Dear iiWAS2004, MoMM2004, authors, participants, PC members,

"In humility, I realized I am a child of all nations"
Pramoedya Ananta Toer,
Child of All Nations, The Buru Quartet

On the morning of Thursday 9th September a bomb exploded in front of the Australian embassy in Jakarta. According to the latest reports, eight Indonesians lost their lives. I am saddened by this act of
incommensurable atrocity and stupidity.

Last week I was planning to travel to Spain for a PhD student defence examination. My friends and relatives were asking me not to visit a country recently the theater of a terrible drama. The bomb in Madrid railway station took nearly 200 lives. In spite of their, and, I must confess, my worries, I decided to go to Spain to do my job as an academic and a professional!

There is no safe place in our world - this is what the perpetrators of these acts of violence want to signify. Join us in letting know that we, students, researchers, and professionals, believe that international collaboration, education, and science are conducive and necessary to peace
and progress. Join us in letting know that we will continue to do our job. Join us at IIWAS and MOMM 2004 in Indonesia.

As it has always been the case with the previous IIWAS events in Indonesia, our work takes place in a safe environment. Our local hosts always make sure that the delegates can work in serenity as well as
they can peacefully enjoy Indonesia, its people, and its culture. This year, the local organizers from Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University (UIN) are looking forward to welcome you and are putting a lot of hard work for your satisfaction and comfort.

I hope to see you in Indonesia not only because it is the most effective way to deny the bombers the benefits of their action and to refuse to be told by them what to do, but also for I first and foremost believe that you will have a safe, productive, and enjoyable sojourn.

Best Regards,

Here are few responses we received so far to the message of the president of @WAS.
Thanks to all who expressed their solidarity and sentiments
Assalamualaikum Dr. Ismail,

I am a bit shocked to hear about that. But as a Muslim, I adhere to
the believe in Tawakal to Allah. So I guess there shouldn't be any
problem with me about going to the conference. Thank you.

Salimah Mokhtar (author)
Malaya University, Malaysia
dear Dr Ibramhim

i am not able to attend, but my student is doing it.

I am leaving for Tokyo at that time.

I wish IIWAS (another) great success and lots of congratulations.

R. Sadananda (PC member)
Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand
Dear Dr. Ismail,
I will be there in Jakarta.
Anything can happen anywhere, it is not in our hand.
I believe it will be a great conference.

Sri Devi (author)
Malaya University, Malaysia

Dear Ismail, dear colleagues,

I fully share your thoughts and hope we will be able to build a better
world for all soon.

All the best from Madrid,
Yolanda Ursa (author)
Madrid, Spain

I could not agree with you more.
This year I will not atend IIWAS. I am teaching this period and already
will go the conference in Erfurt (NetObjects, MATES, CIA,...) at the
end of this month.
Maybe I will make it again next year.
Good luck and have a nice time!

Frank Dignum (PC member)
Utrecht University, Netherlands


I was not planning to go (I have no paper in the conference) but I
certainly share your thoughts; the world is a hard place to live.
Even in my country Argentina, we had suffered bad publicity: in fact
ICSE 2002 was planned to be held in Buenos Aires but it
was suspended by the organizers because they said that our country was
not safe.
I hope our world will improve in the future when all of us feel safe
and equal.
Meanwhile we have to understand all situations (even difficult ones).
You have my support in your claims.


Gustavo Rossi (PC member)
LIFIA-UNLP, Argentina

I totally agree with you and please accept my sincere sympathy for the
lost lifes.

Ali Hurson (Author and Tutorial speaker)
The Pennsylvania State University, USA


It is unfortunate that a tragic event takes place just before the
conference. I am not sure of how you are handling this situation, but
have you checked the current travel advisory of the various
governments? If not, you might want to give the embassies a call. An
affirmation of travel safety by the embassies would be very useful
here! Do your hotel arrangements contracts allow for these unforeseen
circumstances? I had to handle a situation with SARS in 2003, so I
can understand the situation that you are facing. Feel free to give
me a ring if you need any assistance.
C. J. Kenneth Tan, Ph.D. (PC member)
OptimaNumerics Ltd. UK



Thanks for your email. Look forward to seeing you in Jakarta.


Ian Douglas (author)
Florida State University
thank you for your concern and encouraging letter. yes, i agree with you
see you at bali.
sellappan (Auhor)

Hi Ismail,

Unfortunately, as I previously stated, we're unable to attend because
University won't permit us.

I trust the conference goes well, and share in your despair about the
terrible news.

Cheers, Hugh. (author)
RMIT, Austrlia
Hi Ismail,

Thanks very much for this - and for your note about the importance of
not being intimidated by terrorism. Unfortunately, the University
simply won't give authority to travel to Indonesia at present. We do
hope to see you in a future iiWAS :)

Thanks again,
Saied. (author)
RMIT, Austrlia
Dear Prof Ismail,
I am extremely sorry to hear about the incident and also read about it
in the papers today morning.
Though I would not be able to attend the conference since I don't have
the funds for inter-national travel right now - I wish the conference
success. I wish all luck to the organizers.

Hope to meet you sometime in future on some other occassion.

Lipika Dey (Author)
Faculty in the Department of Mathematics,
I.I.T., Delhi, New Delhi, India
Dear Ismail,

It's indeed a sad news. We all feel sorry about that and admire your

Almost right before I decided to personally attend the iiWAS2004 with
financial support from my company, we heard of the bad news.
As you may remember, I can attend to the conference having the
financial support from my company. But now my boss recommended me to
ask if the conference can be moved on to a less confused place. After
all, a peaceful venue can keep attendees and their family from being
worried about any possible disturbance.

In case I don't attend to the conference, I will transfer the rest of
the registration fee - US$ 25. But is it possible for me to get the
receipts of the two tranfer fees between banks, in addition to a formal
registration receipt from the iiWAS.

Thanks for your nice job to render the whole proceedings and the
preparation for the conference. I'm also sorry for the late response
because of the busy job.

I know you might be busy now. You may take your time to answer me.

Best regards,

Jenq-Shiou Leu (Author)
Dear Dr. Ismail,

I'm really sorry and feel regret to hear such a thing happen in
neighbor country to my Vietnam. Our country also had period of war with
America but we had not ever acted like that. I sometime cannot
why they chose the way of such unreasonable behavior to solve the
and harm innocent victims.

Regarding the conference, I did sent you email about my problem on my
business schedule some days ago before this event that I can not attend
conference (please see the attached). It's no reason but only about my
schedule conflicts.

Anyway, I'm really sorry about this. Please take my truly sympathy on
unexpected event.

All the best to you,

Your sincerely,
Duc Nguyen (Author)
RMIT International Vietnam, Vietnam
Dear Ismail

Although I agree with your sentiments, Monash University has taken this
out of our hands: today the deputy-vice chancellor sent out an email
forbidding Monash staff to travel to Indo until at least the 24

I guess we need to work out the consequences of this, but I thought you
should know as soon as possible

Jan (Author and Tutorial speaker)
Monash University, Australia
Dear Ismail,

Thank you for your Email.
There is one voice in me speaking and feeling exactly the same words as
have written in your email,
and there is another voice which is very scared.

As I am visting the CIT conference in Wuhan, China, before coming to
I had to decide yesterday afternoon, whether I will go to Jakarta or

Due to the news about the explosion in Jakarta, my scared voice got
strong, thus I decided not to come to Jakarta.

Thank you very much for all your help and all your engagement, I am
sorry for not coming,
and looking forward to see you some other time.

Best Regards,
Sonja (Author)
I, as an Indonesian, appreciate your stand on this issue
which will help us dealing with the situation. Thank you.

Bobby (PC member)
UI, Indonesia

Dear Ismail,

I am now getting a permission from my university to go to
Indonesia. Unless political situation gets rather worse
I can get the venue, I think. However, it's a pity that
I cannot join the full conference. Perhaps I will leave
Japan on Sep.27.

I guess your work is serious especially this year. I am
really anxious about your health. At the same time I am
looking forward to seeing you soon.


Osamu (Author and PC member)

Dr. Osamu Yoshie
Waseda University