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Trust and Reputation for Service Oriented

Prof. Dr. Elizabeth Chang

Centre for Extended Enterprise and Business Intelligence and
School of Information Systems
Curtin University of Technology
Western Australia 6845


Trust and Reputation plays a pivotal role in carrying out e-business in a service oriented environment. In the tutorial the basic concepts of trust, trustworthiness and reputation, underlying their importance in service oriented environments will
be addressed. Additionally the advanced concepts of trust, trustworthiness and reputation will be addressed as well.
This tutorial additionally covers on how to provide business intelligence for sellers, service providers, and manufacturers. The tutorial will be delivered by Professor Elizabeth Chang who has published a book on trust and reputation entitled as follows

Trust and Reputation for Service-Oriented Environments: Technologies for Building Business Intelligence And Consumer Confidence
Elizabeth Chang, Tharam Dillon, Farookh Khadeer Hussain
ISBN: 0-470-01547-0

Tutorial Outline
• The concepts of trust and trust relationships
• Trustworthiness and trustworthiness value
• Trustworthiness prediction

• Reputation and reputation management
• The dynamic and complexity nature of trust
• Trust and reputation ontology’s
• Trust modelling techniques
• Detailed methodologies for establishing trust relationships and assigning
trustworthiness value
• Multi-Agents and Trustworthiness System Design
• Trustworthiness System Testing and Validation
• Advice on trusted networks and trusted business
• Building business value, consumer confidence, organization accountability and
social position though trust and reputation


Professor Chang is currently Director of the Frontier Technology for Extended Enterprise Centre (Centre for Extended Enterprise and Business Intelligence) at Curtin Business School , Curtin University of Technology, in Perth , Western Australia .
As Professor , Associate Professor, Senior Lecturer/Lecturer at the Curtin, Newcastle , La Trobe and Swinburne Universities , Elizabeth Chang created, developed and taught courses in e-Commerce, Software Engineering, Project Management, HCI, Databases, Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Elizabeth was founder of the Centre for IT Applications and Logistics Informatics at Newcastle University . She also developed a course for the Hong Kong Cyber University , the theme of which is Web Advertising and Publishing delivered online through the Internet.
Professor Chang has published over 150 scientific conference and journal papers in IT include 2 co-authored books . The themes of these papers are in the areas of Ontology, Software Engineering, Object/component Based Methodologies, E-Commerce, Trust Management and Security, Web Services, User Interface and Web Engineering as well as Logistics Informatics .
Professor Chang has given numerous keynote papers on Trust, Software Engineering and Logistics Informatics at international conferences held in Australia , Canada and Korea . In regarding the logistics Informatics, One paper ‘Web Services for Extended Logistics Enterprises' was delivered at the IEEE conference on Industrial Informatics between August 21 st - 24 th , 2003 . A further paper delivered was ‘A Virtual Logistics Network and an e-Hub as a Competitive Approach for Small to Medium Size Companies' at the International Web and Communication Conference in Korea , 18-20, June 2003. Another was presented at the Australian 2003 International Conference and Exhibition on Freight Solutions, which was held between 2 nd - 5 th September, 2003. This paper's topic was ‘What Small Business Can Do to Join in the Supply Chain Makeover'. She has also helped retrieve the Logistics Programs in the IS School and further develop three Professional Masters of Logistics programs, along with three Postgraduate Diplomas and three Graduate Certificate programs for both on-shore and off-shore Curtin Business School students.
In her previous roles as a Project Manager, Professor Chang, has successfully managed several commercial grade IT projects for industry taking them through the entire software life cycle to project completion in the period 1997-2002. These projects range across Internet and e-Commerce applications, information systems, factory automation, computer simulation, supply chain and multimedia software. She managed the projects on a contract basis for periods up to 12 months. In addition, Professor Chang has been successful in obtaining industry funding for numerous projects.
Professor Chang's industrial background includes being Head of IT for Seapower Resources International, incorporating 40 warehouses, a multi-national logistics company operator in China where she successfully delivered a large scale e-Warehouse and e-Logistics within strict time and budget limitations during 2001. Professor Chang has also been a contract Project Manager , Senior Software Engineer, Systems Analyst and Programmer for Philips Public Communication Limited on the CableTV and Modem projects, Animal Research Institute assisting to develop the Sheep Farm Software Package, Australian Airlines in an Exchange and Interest Rate monitoring programmer.
Professor Chang has PhD and MSc in Software Engineering from La Trobe University, Australia