Accepted Full Papers

ID Title Author(s) Country
1 Modified Selective Mapping Technique for PAPR Reduction of Coded MIMO-OFDM Signal Emad Hassan and Sami El-dolil Egypt
8 A Wearable System for Supporting Audiences and Motorbike Racing Teams Tsutomu Terada, Masakazu Miyama, Yasue Kishino, Takahito Fukuda and Masahiko Tsukamoto Japan
10 G2G: Location-Aware Mobile Social Networking with Applications in Recommender Systems and Gaming Sotiris Michalakos and Ioannis T. Christou Greece
11 The Performance of the Modified MC-CDMA Inner Coding Scheme on high Mobility MIMO Wireless Systems Rina Pudji Astuti, Andriyan Bayu Suksmono, Sugihartono and Adit Kurniawan Indonesia
16 A Temporal Video Scalability over Wired-to-Wireless Network Ghaida AL-Suhail Iraq
19 Leveraging Different Application Styles in Mobile Business Ingrid Duda, Markus Aleksy and Martin Schader Germany
21 Network Performance Improvement for a Low Rate Wireless Personal Area Network Indong Yeo, Jonghyune Kim and Sunshin An Korea
30 DCCP-based Multiple Retransmission Technique for Multimedia Streaming Arpad Huszak and Sándor Imre Hungary
35 A Comparison of Different Computer Vision Methods for Real Time 3D Reconstruction for the Use in Mobile Robots Joachim Dornauer, Christian Bernthaler, Michael Naderhirn and Gabriele Kotsis Austria
39 Designing Wii Controller a Powerful Musical Instrument in an Interactive Music Performance System Wilson Yuen, Clifford Choy and Elaine Wong Hong Kong
40 A Three-Tier Information Management Architecture for Mobile Grid Environments Joachim Zottl, Guenter Haring and Gabriele Kotsis Austria
42 A Method to Reduce Waiting Time for P2P Streaming Systems Yusuke Gotoh, Tomoki Yoshihisa and Masanori Kanazawa Japan
43 Model-based Concerns Mashups for Mobile Hypermida Cecilia Challiol, Andres Fortier, Silvia Gordillo and Gustavo Rossi Argentina
44 Personal Mobile Broadcasting based on the 3GPP MBMS System Jani Peltotalo, Jarmo Harju, Marko Saukko, Lassi Väätämöinen, Imed Bouazizi and Igor Curcio Finland
45 A Complexity Scalable Decoder in an AVS Video Codec Chen Lei, Yiqiang Chen and Wen Ji China
47 Skin Segmentation based on Cellular Learning Automata S. Kasaei and M. Fotouhi Iran
50 Load-Balance of Intra/Inter-MANET Traffic over Multiple Internet Gateways Quan Le-Trung, Paal Engelstad, Tor Skeie and Amir Taherkordi Norway
52 Development of a Navigation System with a Route Planning Algorithm Using Body-Worn Sensors Takuya Katayama, Masaki Nakamiya, Masashi Yamashita, Kazuya Murao, Kohei Tanaka, Tsutomu Terada and Shojiro Nishio Japan
59 A collaborative framework for simultaneous and seamless 3D graphics manipulation Siak Chuan (Andrew) Tan, Binh Pham, Jinglan Zhang and Ross Brown Australia
60 Distributed Scheduling via Pricing with Partial Orthogonality Tiina Heikkinen and Ari Hottinen Finland
61 An Indoor Localization Platform for Ambient Assisted Living Using UWB Stelios A. Mitilineos, Nick D. Argyreas, Effie E. Makri, Dimitris K. Kyriazanos and Stelios C. A. Thomopoulos Greece
62 QoE-aware QoS Management Florence AGBOMA and Antonio Liotta UK
65 Three Scheduling-levels algorithm for IEEE 802.11 QoS efficiency improvement Khaled Dridi, Karim Djouani and Boubaker Daachi France
66 Annotation Architecture for Mobile Collaborative Mapping Chien Jon Soon and Paul Roe Australia
67 Evaluation of data-parallel splitting approaches for H.264 decoding Florian Seitner, Michael Bleyer, Ralf Michael Schreier and Margrit Gelautz Austria
68 Mesh Based P2P Streaming over MANETs Nadia Qadri, Majed Alhaisoni and Antonio Liotta UK
69 AuthoCast – A Protocol for Mobile Multicast Sender Authentication Thomas Schmidt, Matthias Wählisch and Olaf Christ Germany
70 Semantic Keyword-based Retrieval of Photos taken with Mobile Devices Windson Viana, Samira Hammiche, Bogdan Moisuc, Marlène Villanova-Oliver, Jérôme Gensel and Hervé Martin France
71 Intra-frame Scan:a Method for Estimating Object Movements using an Interlace Camera and Visual Markers Yuhki Suzuki, Masahiko Tsukamoto and Tsutomu Terada Japan
73 An Experimental Evaluation of a QoS Signaling API for Network-aware Multimedia Applications in NGN Ognjen Dobrijevic and Maja Matijasevic Croatia
74 Determining a Parallel Session Attack on a Key Distribution Protocol using a Model Checker Vladimir Pasca, Reiner Dojen, Anca Jurcut and Tom Coffey Ireland
76 Method of predicting number of on-demand video requests using time series data for video cache system Hiroyuki Kimiyama and Shuichi Itoh Japan
80 Cost Metric Algorithm for Transit Routing in MANETs with Internet Connectivity Vinh Pham, Erlend Larsen, Paal Engelstad and Øivind Kure Norway
84 An Interaction Framework for Mobile Web Search Gloria Bordogna, Alessandro Campi, Giuseppe Psaila and Stefania Ronchi Italy
85 Accurate mobility modeling and location prediction based on pattern analysis of handover serieses in mobile networks Péter Fülöp, Sándor Szabó and Tamás Szálka Hungary
87 Efficient Data Transmission in Service Workflows for Distributed Video Content Analysis Dominik Seiler, Steffen Heinzl, Ernst Juhnke, Ralph Ewerth, Manfred Grauer and Bernd Freisleben Germany
89 Design and lmplementation of a Ubiquitous Optical Device Controlled with a Projector Mami Nakata, Kenji Kodama, Naotaka Fujita, Yoshinari Takegawa, Tsutomu Terada, Masahiko Tsukamoto, Shinichi Hosomi and Shojiro Nishio Japan
90 Power Consumption Optimization and Delay Minimization in MANET Using Efficient Compression Scheme and Delay Minimizing Algorithm Hafiz Asif, Tarek Sheltami and Elhadi Shakshuki Pakistan
95 Mobility Management Algorithms for the Client-driven Mobility Frame System – Mobility from a Brand New Point of View Peter Fulop and Benedek Kovacs Hungary