Accepted Short Papers

ID Title Author(s) Country
22 Simultaneous multi-DAD (SDAD) in Mobile IPv6 Dong-cheol Shin and Sung-gi Min Korea
25 Context-Aware Personalization for Mobile Multimedia Services Diana Weiss, Markus Duchon, Florian Fuchs and Claudia Linnhof-Popien Germany
28 Personalized Linguistic Term Retrieval for Texture Images Chih-Yi Chiu and Shi-Nine Yang Taiwan
31 Phone-to-Phone Communication for Adaptive Image Classification Erich Bruns and Oliver Bimber Germany
56 A Novel Key Management Algorithm in Sensor Networks Omar Al-Jarrah and Ramzy Saifan Jordan
72 Handover Strategy Considering Neighbors BS Availability for Multi Rate Air Interfaces Omar Carvalho Branquino and Adriano Goes Brazil
82 Design and Evaluation of a System for Mesh-based P2P Live Video Streaming Federico Covino and Massimo Mecella Italy
94 Towards Alternative User Interfaces for Capturing and Managing Tasks with Mobile Devices Harald Radi and Rene Mayrhofer Austria
SP-2 Partial Signal Extraction for Mobile Media Players Olufisayo Omojokun and Michael Genovese US