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Journal Special Issues

The following papers have been invited to submit extended versions to several journal special issues.

IJPCC: Pervasive Computing and Communications

Theatre Engine: Integrating mobile devices with live theater

Charles Owen, Alison Dobbins, and Lisa Rebenitsch

Multicast Multi-hop Routing for Wireless Mesh Community Networks

Ahmed Al-Dubai and Liang Zhao.

Autonomous Flight using a Smartphone as On-Board Processing Unit in GPS-Denied Environments

Michael Leichtfried, Christoph Kaltenriner, Annette Mossel and Hannes Kaufmann.

A Weight Based Clustering Scheme for Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Abdelhak Bentaleb, Saad Harous and Abdelhak Boubetra.

Network Selection for Multicast Groups in Heterogeneous Wireless Environments

Svetlana Boudko and Wolfgang Leister.

IJMIS: Mobile Information Systems

MoM-NOCS: Management of Mobile Multimedia Nature Observations using Crowd Sourcing

Chrisa Tsinaraki, Giannis Skevakis, Ioanna Trochatou and Stavros Christodoulakis.

Extraction of Pinna Features for Customized Binaural Audio Delivery on Mobile Devices

Simone Spagnol, Michele Geronazzo, Davide Rocchesso and Federico Avanzini.

An Extended PIN Authentication Scheme by Allowing Multi-touch Key Input

Tetsuji Takada and Yuki Kokubun.

Can Smartphone Users Turn Off Tracking Service Settings?

Veelasha Moonsamy, Lynn Batten and Malcolm Shore.

Cooperative Enhancement of Position Accuracy of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Helmut Hlavacs.

Raising User Awareness about Privacy Threats in Participatory Sensing Applications through Graphical Warnings

Delphine Christin, Martin Michalak and Matthias Hollick.

JMM: Journal of Mobile Multimedia

A User Modelling Wizard for People with Motor Impairments

Werner Kurschl, Mirjam Augstein, Holger Stitz, Peter Heumader and Claudia Pointner.

Dynamic Compressive Tracking

Ting Chen, Yanning Zhang, Tao Yang and Hichem Sahli.

An HTML5 Player for Interactive Non-linear Video with Time-based Collaborative Annotations

Britta Meixner, Harald Kosch, Beate Siegel, Peter Schultes, Franz Lehner, Anton Weinast and Alexander Denk.

Gender Recognition Based On Combining Facial and Hair Features

Chien-Cheng Lee and Chung-Shun Wei.

Phone call translator system in realtime

Yoko Iimura, Masahiro Oota and Shinya Tachimoto.

Music Homogenity Analysis through Instantaneous Feedback

Tatiana Endrjukaite and Yasushi Kiyoki.

Monitoring Activity of Patients with Bipolar Disorder using Smart Phones

Venet Osmani et al.

IJMCMC: Mobile Computing and Multimedia Communications

Efficient Approximation Algorithm for Data Retrieval with Conflicts in Wireless Networks

Ping He and Hong Shen.

A Method for Mobile Download Conversion Rate Measurement based on Device Fingerprinting

Alexander Schuch, Clemens Holzmann and Florian Lettner.

A Combined Frequency Assignment and AP Scheduling for Throughput Maximization in IEEE 802.11 WLAN

Babul Tewari and Sasthi Ghosh.

Leveraging RF-channel fluctuation for activity recognition

Stephan Sigg, Shuyu Shi, Felix B├╝schnig, Yusheng Ji, Lars Wolf.

Enhancing Security in mobile data networks through end user and core network cooperation

Martin Nagy, Ivan Kotuliak.

A Generic Context-Based Architecture for Energy-Efficient Localization on Mobile Devices

Wolfgang Narzt.

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