Third International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services, September 10-12, 2001, Linz, Austria


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iiWAS 2001

It is our honour and pleasure to invite you to join the Third International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services. This year's iiWAS will be held in Linz Austria, September 10-12. We are looking forward to your contribution and participation in iiWAS2001. We rejoice to welcome you in Linz.

What's New

Preliminary conference program is available.

Information about the conference venue and the city of Linz is available.

First participants have already registered!

Online Registration has been opened
Additionally, the online accomodation form is also online avaliable.

Detailed information on tutorials and invited talks is made avaliable.

Short Paper, Demonstration and Poster contribution encouraged!
After the paper submission we encourage researchers to participate with short papers, demonstrations and posters. The deadline for demos and posters is 04/AUG.

Paper submission is closed. We have recieved a lot of very interesting contributions. The reviewing process has just started. Authors will be informed about the acceptance of their contribution until 14/JULY.

The submission guidelines for the camera-ready version are avaliable.


iiWAS is now the international conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services. It follows IIWAS1999 and IIWAS2000 international workshops on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services held in Gadja Madah University, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. These two workshops have been successful international events gathering papers from countries as diverse as Australia, Malaysia, USA, Spain, Holland, Norway, or Taiwan with outstanding speakers such as Philippe Bonnet from Cornell University, Leon Sterling from the University of Melbourne, A Min Tjoa from the Vienna University of Technology, and R. Sadananda from Asian Institute of Technology among many others.


As Internet based applications and services continue to evolve very rapidly, new and exciting opportunities for information integration systems are constantly created. We are witnessing a tremendous growth in the number, types, and novelty of information integration systems, as well as an increased level of sophistication. iiWAS2001 is a forum of discussion and presentation of new ideas and technologies for value adding services in information integration and web-based applications and services. The goal of the conference is to bring together practitioners, researchers, users and information providers involved in the development and deployment of commercial, industrial and practical applications to exchange ideas, present their recent research and discuss possible collaborations.

Topics of Interest

The conference solicits full-length research or position papers on relevant subjects for the aim and themes of the conference. The following is a suggested, not necessarily exhaustive, list of topics of interest and relevance to the conference.

1. Information Systems Integration

    • Schema and Data Integration
    • Enterprise Security
    • Distributed Component Architectures
    • Metadata Management
    • Case Studies
    • Transaction and Query Processing in Distributed Information Systems
    • Integration Architectures

2. Web Engineering and Web Applications

    • Enterprise Security
    • Data Intensive Applications on the Web
    • XML and Semi-structured Data Management
    • Applications
    • Web as Database versus Web as Documents

3. E-commerce and M-business

    • E-commerce Architectures
    • Online Payment
    • Agent-Mediated E-Commerce
    • Trading & Auctioning Systems
    • Mobile Commerce Models and Architectures
    • Business Models for M-Business
    • Applications

4. Intelligent Data and Information Retrieval

    • Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
    • Multi/Cross-Lingual Data and Information Retrieval
    • Multi-modal and Multimedia Data and Information Management
    • Spatial and Temporal Data and Information Management

Conference Venue

iiWAS2001 will be held at Johannes Kepler University of Linz, Austria from September 10 to 12, 2001 (following DEXA2001 in Munich from September 3 to 7).

Important Dates

Key dates for the conference are the following:

June 1, 2001


Abstract Submissions Due

June 4, 2001


Paper Submissions Due

July 14, 2001


Notice of Acceptance/Rejection

August 1, 2001


Online Pre-Registration Starts

August 4, 2001


Short Paper, Demonstrations, and Posters Due

August 7, 2001


Camera-Ready Papers Due

August 22, 2001


Early Bird Registration Due

August 31, 2001


Cancellation of Regristration Deadline

September 10, 2001


Online Pre-Registration Closes

September 10, 2001


Conference Starts

September 12, 2001


Conference Ends


organized by
Software Competence Center Hagenberg - Austria

in collaboration with
Johannes Kepler University Linz - Austria

National University of Singapore - Singapore