Third International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services, September 10-12, 2001, Linz, Austria


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Program Overview

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday
07:30 registration    
08:00 registration
08:30 opening
09:00 invited talk 4
invited talk 5
invited talk 6
09:30 keynote speech
10:00 coffee break
10:30 coffee break coffee break s 8 s 9 sps 3
11:00 t 1 t 2   t 3 t 4  
12:00 lunch lunch
12:45 closing ceremony
13:00 invited talk 1
invited talk 2
invited talk 3
s 3 s 4 s 5
14:30 coffee break coffee break
15:00 s 1 s 2 sps 1 s 6 s 7 sps 2
17:00 coffee break  
17:30 panel
18:30 welcome reception banquet

Abbreviations Used within the Table Above
t ... tutorial
s ... session
sps ... short papers session

The complete preliminary program is available as pdf-file.

Invited Talks

Frank Dignum "Agents and E-commerce: Hype and Reality"
Stuart Madnick "The Misguided Silver Bullet: What XML Will and Will NOT Do to Help Information Integration"
Ramakoti Sadananda "Implications of Convergence on Education"
Tok Wang Ling "Applications of ORA-SS: An Object-Relationship-Attribute Data Model for Semistructured Data"
A. Min Tjoa, Alexander Schatten and Amin Anjomshoaa "Building an Web-based Open Source Tool to Enhance Project Management, Monitoring and Collaboration in Scientific Projects"
Günther Pernul "Trusted Electronic Commerce Transactions"
Ullas Nambiar, Zoe Lacroix, Stephane Bressan, Mong Li Lee, Yingguang Li "XML Benchmarks Put to the Test"

Barbara Catania "Intelligent Database Systems"
Andrew Davison "Logic Programming Languages for the Internet"
Gerti Kappel,
Elisabeth Kapsamer
"Towards Integrating XML and Relational Database Systems"
Mukesh Mohania "Data Warehousing"

Panel Discussion

The title of the panel discussion is:
"Is Standardisation of Web Semantics possible and desirable?"

The panelists will try to give answers to the following questions:

  • Are the existing standards (e.g. RDF, Topic Maps) sufficient?
  • Is interoperability on a semantic level feasible in the next 3-5 years?
  • Do future intelligent-web-agents need further standardisation?


IIWAS 2001 recieved more than 75 submissions. Out of them 30 papers where select for presentation as full papers and another 10 where selected as short papaers.

The full papers will be presented in two parallel sessions. Each presentation will take 30 minutes including quesions and answers.

Here you can find the
list of accepted full papers.

Short Papers, Demonstrations and Posters

There will be separate sessions for short papers, demonstrations, and posters. These sessions present on-going research, software demonstrations, practical commercial applications, and prototypes.

Here you can find a
list of the accepted short papers.

Industrial Track

The industrial track will be held parallel to the paper sessions.


organized by
Software Competence Center Hagenberg - Austria

in collaboration with
Johannes Kepler University of Linz - Austria

National University of Singapore - Singapore