About iiWAS

Aims & Scope
At the core of the information revolution brought by the Web is the ability to effectively and efficiently share and exchange information virtually with anyone anytime anywhere. Yet, it is very hard to keep up to date with the ever-increasing sophistication of the tools and techniques available at the dawn of the 21st century for building the future information society.
Industrial, commercial, educational, and information society institutions and organizations whose activities rely more and more on information technology cannot afford to ignore the latest technological and infra-structural development and trends of the Internet. Business to consumer, business to business, and business to government transactions, business intelligence, decision support at every level of the enterprise are conducted competitively only when they tap into the information resources offered by the world wide web and when they leverage the latest tools and techniques available.

iiWAS2005 aims to provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas and information by researchers, students, and professionals on the issues and challenges brought on by Internet technology for the intelligent integration of information and web-based application and services.

Topics of Interest

The conference technical sessions will be organized around the major theme of "Advanced Technologies, Applications, Management and Business Strategies for Information Integration".
The technical sessions will include invited talks by leading experts, presentations of papers, demos, posters, tutorials, panels, industrial track and exhibitions around the following topics:

1. Information Systems Integration
- Scheme and Data Integration
- Enterprise Security
- Distributed Component Architectures
- Metadata Management
- Transaction and Query Processing in Distributed Information System
- Integration Architectures
- Mobile Web Information System Integration
- Case Studies

2. Web Engineering and Web Applications
- Web Information Retrieval
- Web Mining and Farming
- Internet & Web-based Systems
- Web-Based Applications
- Enterprise Security
- Data Intensive Applications on the Web
- XML and Semi-structured Data Management
- Web as Database versus Web as Documents
- Digital Libraries
- Agent Based Information Systems
- E-Learning
- Web Information System Environment and Foundations
- Data and Knowledge Engineering
- Applications

3. E-commerce and M-business
- E-commerce Architectures
- Online Payment
- Agent Mediated E-Commerce's
- Trading & Auctioning Systems
- Mobile Commerce Models and Architectures
- Business Models for M-Business Applications
- Mobile Internet Access
- Multimedia Applications in E-Commerce
- E-Commerce Framework & Applications
- Intelligent Agents
- Data Mining
- Business Intelligence
- Electronic Brokerage
- Electronic Negotiation
- On-line Auction Industry Applications

4. Intelligent Data and Information Retrieval
- Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
- Multi/Cross-Lingual Data and Information Retrieval
- Multi-modal and Multimedia Data and Information Management

5. Information Technology and Society
- Best Practices in Web Applications & Services
- Cross Cultural Data and Information Management
- E-government & Regional Autonomy

Industrial and commercial professionals, researchers, academic and students as well as Information technology organizations and institutions are invited to actively participate in iiWAS2005.

For general inquiries, please contact info@iiwas.org