The 22nd International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (iiWAS2020)

Keynote Talks

Interweaving IoT, Data and Intelligence towards Future Healthcare Ecosystem

Dr Liming Luke Chen

Professor of Data Analytics, Director of Research, School of Computing
Ulster University, United Kingdom


The growing ageing population has led to an increasing prevalence of ageing-related physical, sensory and cognitive declines and chronic diseases. Yet available healthcare resources are dwindling, and the gap between the demand and supply of healthcare services is becoming wider in the time to come, not only in the developed countries but worldwide. Technology and innovation, such as IoT, sensing, data analytics and smart healthcare, have offered promising solutions, and been under vigorous extensive studies. Nevertheless, easy-to-use smart healthcare systems and services with large-scale uptake have not yet been seen. In this talk the speaker will discuss the impact of the global ageing problem on the quality of life, society and economy. He will review the state of the art of the technology-driven approach to smart healthcare, examine existing research efforts, major initiatives and high-profile projects from which gaps and barriers will be highlighted. The speaker will then present the concept of a technology driven integrated healthcare ecosystem which offers a vision to move beyond fragmented silo technologies towards future integrated solutions and their delivery. He will describe a framework for the proposed ecosystem and the underpinning enabling technologies with special emphases being placed on the methods and mechanisms of technology integration, and the processes of the interactions among multi-disciplines, sectors and stakeholders. The speaker will speculate research challenges and strategies, and further share his insights into the future research and application.


Dr Liming Luke Chen is Professor of Data Analytics, Director of Research for the School of Computing at Ulster University, UK. His current research interests include data analytics, pervasive computing, artificial intelligence, user-centred intelligent systems and their applications in smart healthcare.

Dr Chen is an IET Fellow, an IEEE Senior Member, a co-founder and co-director of the IEEE CIS” User-centred Smart Systems” Task Force. He was the coordinator of the EU Horizon2020 MSCA ITN ACROSSING project and has serves as the principal investigator for the EU AAL PIA project, the MobileSage project and FP7 MICHELANGELO project, and a number of projects funded by industry and third countries.

Dr Chen has over 230 publications in internationally recognised journals, book series and conferences. He is the General Chair or Program Chair for IEEE Smart World Congress 2019, IEEE UIC2017, IEEE HealthCom2017, SAI Computing 2017, IEEE UIC2016, IntelliSys2016, MoMM2015, IWAAL2014, UCAMI2013, and an organising chair of many workshops. He is an associate editor of IEEE THMS, assistant EIC for IJPCC and guest editors for IEEE THMS, PMC and IJDSN. He has delivered over 20 talks, keynotes and seminars in various forums, conferences, industry and academic events. Dr Chen has served as an expert for research funding assessment for UKRI, EU Horizon2020, Canada, Chile, Netherlands and Denmark. More details can be found his homepage here.