The Fourth International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications and Services
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Paper ID: 109
Paper title: The Client Design of Web-based Collaborative CAD System

Authors: Yan Gu, Min Tang, Jinxiang Dong
Country: China

Paper ID: 114
Paper title: Modeling the Functionality of Web-Based Data Warehouses

Authors: Indratmo, Sylvanus Ehikioya
Country: Indonesia

Paper ID: 121
Paper title: Determining the Effect of Pattern Similarity on Storage Capacity of Hopfield Network

Authors: S. K. Manandhar, R. Sadananda
Country: Thailand

Paper ID: 128
Paper title: UML as a Modelling Tool for Developing and Agent-based Auction System

Authors: Arnold Aribowo, Maria Indrawan
Country: Australia

Paper ID: 136
Paper title: Database Design Language Incorporating Collection Types for Web Database Applications

Authors: E. Pardede, W. Rahayu, D.Taniar
Country: Australia

Paper title: Warehousing Web Data
Authors: Jerome Darmont, Omar Boussaid, Fadila Bentayeb
Country: France

Paper title: Informatin Extraction by means of a Generalized K-Testable Tree Automata Inference Algorithm
Authors: Raymond Kosala, Maurice Bruynooghe, Hendrik Blockeel, Jan Van den Bussche
Country: Belgium

Paper title: Author-aided Semantic Indexing of the Web plus some other Ideas for Improving the Efficiency of Web Searching
Authors: David Pager
Country: USA

Paper title: Effective Utilization of Mobile Wireless Technology to Support Learners in a Rural Environment: A Case Study in Kwa Zulu-Natal, South Africa
Authors: Joseph Bhekizwe Dlodlo
Country: South Africa


Paper ID: 76
Paper title: A document-based approach to indexing XML data

Authors: Ya-Hui Chang, Tsan-Lung Hsieh
Country: China

Paper ID: 84
Paper title: e-ISA: An Incremental Lower Bound Approach for Efficiently Finding Approximate Nearest Neighbor of Complex Vague Queries

Authors: Dang Tran Khanh, KÜng Josef, Wagner Roland
Country: Austria/Europe

Paper ID: 86
Paper title: Publishing Theses and Dissertations: An Approach using XML

Authors: Hélio L. dos Santos, Maria da Conceição M. Batista, Roberto S. M. Barros
Country: Brazil

Paper ID: 100
Paper title: Image Indexing and Retrieval using Moment Invariants

Authors: Imran Ahmad
Country: Canada

Paper ID: 111
Paper title: DSIC Collaboration with Intelligent Agents

Authors: Ji Zhao, Gee Kin Yeo, Pei Yuen Wong
Country: Singapore

Paper ID: 116
Paper title: Web Engineering for Intranets: Rethinking Software Engineering

Authors: Edgar Weippl, Ismail Khalil Ibrahim, Wieland Schwinger, Werner Winiwarter
Country: Austria

Paper ID: 117
Paper title: Negotiation requirements for the extended mobile Service Environment

Authors: Markus Sihvonen, Jouni Heikkinen, Petri Jurmu
Country: Finland

Paper ID: 118
Paper title: Integration of Voice Services In Internet Applications

Authors: Eduardo Carrillo, Jose Javier Samper, Juan José Martínez Durá
Country: Spain

Paper ID: 119
Paper title: Distributed Location and Navigation System for Mobile Internet Users

Authors: Wei Feng Song, Song Cui, Yun Cai Liu, Su Zhang
Country: China

Paper ID: 120
Paper title: Data Integration and Inconsistencies

Authors: Julius Stuller
Country: Czech Republic

Paper ID: 122
Paper title: Web Multimedia Application for Children

Authors: Arminda Guerra, João Valente
Country: Portugal

Paper ID: 123
Paper title: Internet Bandwidth Savings using Mobile Agents

Authors: Inseon Lee, Heon Y. Yeom
Country: South Korea

Paper ID: 125
Paper title: An XML-based Data Warehousing Tool using an Ontological Semantic Modeling

Authors: Rifaieh Rami, Benharkat Aicha Nabila
Country: France

Paper ID: 126
Paper title: Integrating a Consumer Buying Behaviour Model into the Development of Agent-based E-Commerce Systems

Authors: Alvaro E. Arenas, Norma Casas, Diana Quintanilla
Country: Colombia

Paper ID: 127
Paper title: Generic Architecture of Agents in Combined Auctions

Authors: Saroj Kaushik, Himanshu Tagra
Country: India

Paper ID: 129
Paper title: Rice Price Design Based on On-Line System

Authors: Maria Widyarini, Ali Sadiyoko
Country: Indonesia

Paper ID: 130
Paper title: Using DAML OIL to Enrich RDF Schema in the Information Integration

Authors: Ahmad Ashari
Country: Indonesia

Paper ID: 131
Paper title: Mining Association Rules from Large Databases using the Lattice-Based Approach and Hybrid Search Method

Authors: Arif Djunaidy, Rully Soelaiman, Daning Tyaspamadya
Country: Indonesia

Paper ID: 133
Paper title: OpenUSS as OpenSource Software for eLearning Support System

Authors: Revi Kuswara, Blasius Lofi Dewanto
Country: Indonesia

Paper ID: 135
Paper title: Association Relationship Transformation of XML Schemas to Object-Relational Databases

Authors: Nathalia Devina Widjaya, David Taniar, J.Wenny Rahayu, Eric Pardede
Country: Australia

Paper ID: 137
Paper title: Business Intelligent System for Educational Environment

Authors: Jamaiah Haji Yahaya, Azizah Ahmad, Amran Ahmad
Country: Malaysia

Paper ID: 140
Paper title: Intelligent Business Decisions by eFLOW Portal

Authors: Zoltan Baracskai, Viktor Dorfler
Country: Hungary

Paper ID: 141
Paper title: Extending The OAI Protocol as the Data Integration Framework for the Digital Library Network in the Third World

Authors: Ismail Fahmi, Ruri Muharto, Ismail Khalil Ibrahim
Country: Indonesia







Organized by :

Bandung Institute of Technology - Indonesia

National University of Singapore - Singapore

Uthrecht University - The Netherlands

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