About MoMM

Aims & Scope

The speed and the quality of expanding and creating a vast variety of multimedia services like voice, email, short messages, Internet access, m-commerce, to mobile video conferencing, streaming video and audio has brought true mobile multimedia experiences to mobile customers.

Due to constant changing environments, limited battery life and diverse data types, Mobile Multimedia implies considerable challenges to operators, infrastructure builders in terms of ensuring fast, reliable services and accommodating the quick growing global customer needs.

MoMM-2011 aims to provide an international forum by researchers, students, and professionals for presenting recent research results on mobile computing and multimedia, and to bring together experts from both academia and industry for the exchange of ideas and discussion on future challenges in mobile computing and multimedia.

Topics of Interest

Conference program will include invited talks, peer reviewed technical program, demos, short papers, posters, tutorials, panels, invited sessions on the same or related topics, industrial presentations, exhibitions around but not limited to the following topics:

1. Mobile Computing Track:

  • Mobile Applications & Services
  • Mobile Computing Software Architectures
  • Mobile Network Traffic Engineering, Performance & Optimization
  • Wireless & Mobile Network Management and Service Infrastructure
  • Database and Data Management Mobile Computing
  • Regulatory and Societal Issues of Mobile Computing
  • Mobile Computing Markets & Business Models
  • Provisioning of Mobile Services
  • Personalization, Privacy and Security in Mobile Computing
  • Mobility and Location Management
  • Transaction Processing in Mobile Environments
  • Integration and Interworking of Wired and Wireless Networks
  • Distributed Systems Aspects of Mobile Computing
  • Operating System and Middleware Support for Mobile Computing
  • Security and Privacy of Mobile/Wireless Systems

2. Multimedia Track:

  • Multimedia Databases
  • Multimedia streaming and services
  • Multimedia Coding and Encryption
  • Multimedia for Learning
  • Multimedia Description Language and Standard
  • Image Clustering
  • Content-Based Image Retrieval
  • Interfaces for Multimedia Creation
  • Media Fusion for Communication and Presentation
  • Audio Analysis, Modeling, Processing and Transformation
  • Video Analysis, Modeling, Processing and Transformation
  • Video Mining and MPEG
  • Image Modeling and Editing
  • AI and Image Recognition
  • Distributed Multimedia System

3. Mobile Multimedia Track

  • Mobile Multimedia Applications & Services
  • Communication and Cooperation through Mobile Multimedia
  • Mobile Multimedia Software Architectures
  • Wireless & Mobile Multimedia Network Management
  • Mobile Multimedia Network Traffic Engineering & Optimization
  • Enabling Infrastructures for Mobile Multimedia
  • Regulatory and Societal Issues of Mobile Multimedia
  • Mobile Multimedia Markets & Business Models
  • Provisioning of Mobile Multimedia Services
  • Personalization, Privacy and Security in Mobile Multimedia