Best Paper Awards

Emerald (IJPCC) - Best Paper: Autonomous Flight using a Smartphone as On-Board Processing Unit in GPS-Denied Environments

Michael Leichtfried, Christoph Kaltenriner, Annette Mossel, Hannes Kaufmann (Vienna University of Technology, Austria)

MoMM Best Paper Award: Multicast Multi-hop Routing for Wireless Mesh Community Networks

Ahmed Al-Dubai (Edinburgh Npaier University, UK), Liang Zhao (Hitachi R&D Corporation, China)

MoMM Best Short Paper Award: Extraction of Pinna Features for Customized Binaural Audio Delivery on Mobile Devices

Simone Spagnol, Michele Geronazzo, Davide Rocchesso, Federico Avanzini (University of Padova, IUAV University of Venice, Italy)