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<< PANEL >>

What shall we expect from e-learning?

The panelists, world-renown academics in the field of information
technologies, on the basis of their competence in the domain of IT and
of their extensive experience as teachers and mentors, will discuss the
issue of the changes (expected or to come, negative and positive) that
e-learning can bring to traditional framework of teaching in
schools and universities.

As a starting point we take the simplistic definition of e-learning as
the convergence of IT and education. We are focussing our concern on
the evolution of the modus of teaching in traditional institutions:
schools and universities.

The panelist will present their or illustrate their answer to
the question:
"How can (positively or negatively) e-learning change the traditional
learning framework: lecture, tutorial, lab session, self-study, tests,
and examination, as well as the role of the lecturer and tutors."
They can discuss sub-questions such as "Does e-learning necessarily
means distance learning?", "Will we still need teachers?".

Then we will ask the panelist to conclude by answering the following
question from the point of view of teaching and formal
academic institutions:
"What should e-learning be and not be?"