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Aims & Scope

It is beyond doubt that the popularity and evolution of mobile computing devices such as laptops, mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants (PDA), and the fast mobile networks, have made it possible to increase the range and complexity of mobile multimedia applications and services provided to end-users of these kinds of equipments. In the core of this revolution is the astonishing growth in the number, types, novelty, and complexity of mobile multimedia applications and services. Yet for people to realize the vast promise of mobile multimedia, mobile multimedia applications and services must become dramatically more powerful and easier to use.
MoMM 2003 aims to provide a forum for the discussion and exchange of ideas and information by researchers, students, and professionals on the issues and challenges brought by the emerging wireless technologies for mobile multimedia applications and services.

Topics of Interest

The conference technical sessions will be organized around four major themes: New Mobile Multimedia Applications and Services, Mobile Multimedia Markets and Business Models, Enabling Infrastructures for Mobile Multimedia, Regulatory and Societal Issues of Mobile Multimedia.

The technical sessions will include invited talks by leading experts, presentations of papers, demos, posters, tutorials, panels, industrial track and exhibitions around the following topics:

1. New MoMM Applications and Services
* Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing
* Consumer Applications
* Industrial Applications
* Medical Applications
* Military Applications
* Augmented reality
* Location- & Context-aware dependent Computing
* Mobile CSCW (Computer-Supported Cooperative Work)
* Mobile Multimedia Software Architectures
* Content distribution architectures
* Mobile Aware applications
* Database for mobile systems
* Wireless data services
* Multimedia and integrated services
* Security and authentication

2. MoMM Markets and Business Models
* Value added chains for mobile multimedia
* Cooperation in Mobile multimedia
* Marketing strategies
* Standardization
* Billing and security for mobile multimedia services
* Economics of mobile multimedia
* Provisioning of multimedia networks and services

3. Enabling Infrastructures for MoMM
* Mobile multimedia platforms
* Mobile Multimedia Interfaces
* Mobile Operating Systems
* Portable Devices and Smart Sensors
* Wearable Computers and PDAs
* Streaming media protocols
* Personal area networks
* Low power networking
* Home networking
* Emerging access networks
* Advances in MAN
* Measurement and Modeling of network operation
* Portable computers with wireless access
* Coding, equalization, modulation
* Spread spectrum communications
* Source coding/compression
* VoIP services
* IP Video, Streaming, interactive video services
* Wireless and mobile multimedia network management
* Mobile Multimedia network traffic engineering
* Network models and architectures
* Content distribution internetworking
* Multi-point, multicast services
* Network programming for mobile multimedia services
* QoS management
* Multimedia traffic management
* Active multimedia network
* Middleware support for Mobile Multimedia

4. Regulatory and Societal Issues of MoMM
* Regulatory and legal frameworks
* Ergonomics and Health issues
* Digital rights managements
* Personalization, Privacy and Security issues
* Social Implications
* Training
* People with disabilities
* The effect of mobility on computing

Industrial and commercial professionals, researchers, academic and students as well as Mobile Multimedia organizations and institutions are invited to actively participate in MoMM2005.

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