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Frequently Asked Questions


Papers Submission

Registration & fees

Travel and Accommodation

Tours and Social Program



Visa requirement



What is @WAS?

@WAS is the international organization on Information Integration and Web-based Applications and Services

What is MoMM2005?

iMoMM2005 is the 3rd International Conference on Advances in Mobile Multimedia

When and Where MoMM2005 will be held?

iMoMM2005 will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 19-21 September 2005

Where is the conference venue?

The conference venue will be at Hotel Istana Kuala Lumpur

Address: 73 Jalan Raja Chulan, 50200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
P.O. Box: P.O. Box 12919, 50792 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: (603) 2141 9988
Fax: (603) 2144 0111


Papers Submission

Can I still submit a paper?

No, the submission deadline was over.

What is the difference between a full paper and a short paper?

The only difference is a publishing constraint. Full papers should not exceed 10 pages, short papers 5 pages. Both full and short papers are reviewed by the program committee and will appear in the conference proceedings.

I received the acceptance notification. How can I prepare my camera ready paper?

First, you need to take into account the comments you received from the program committee when preparing the final version of your paper, afterward, you need to format the paper according to the formatting guidelines and send the final version by email to ( Please don't hesitate to contact this email if you have any difficulties formatting your paper.

What are the document formats do you support for the camera ready?

MS Word or PDF

How should I name my file?


To whom, should I send my camera ready paper?

By email to

Can I submit my paper in Latex?

Yes, you can but we prefer MS Word

Who is the publisher of the conference proceedings? Does the proceedings have an ISBN?

The conference proceedings will be published as a volume in the Austrian Computer Society book series with ISBN.

I heard that selected papers will be chosen for special issues in Journals. When the selection is done and when I get the notification?

Yes, we have four special issues for publishing selected papers from MoMM2005. The selection will be done during the conference. Authors of the selected papers will be notified of the acceptance in October 2005.

Can I have my paper included in the conference proceedings without registering for the conference?

No, we require at least one author to register for the conference and pay the registration fee for each paper to be included in the proceedings. Non-registration and failure to pay the fees will result in the paper not being included in the conference proceedings.


Registration and Fees

How much is the registration fees of the conference?

Please refer to the registration page.

What is included in the registration fee?

The registration fees include a one year membership in the International Organization of Information Integration and Web-based Application & Services (@WAS) and a one year online subscription to the Journal of Mobile Multimedia (JMM), 3 days conference, 3 days lunches, 3 days x 2 coffee breaks, conference dinner, one copy of the conference proceedings, token of memory, and the conference bag which contains the conference program and other useful documents.

Do I need to register separately for the tutorials?

No, attending tutorials is included in the registration fees

How can I register for the conference?

Please refer to the registration page. Fill in and sign the registration form, fax it along with your bank transfer proof to: ++62-21-719 6178 (international participants), (603) 7957 9249 (Local participants), or ++43-73224689829 (if any of the above faxes don’t work). Local Participants who prefer to pay by Money Order/Postal Order/Cheque. In addition to faxing the registration form to the above faxes, please send the MO/PO/Cheque by registered post to:
Conference Secretariat
The 7th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Application &
Services and The 3rd International Conference on Advances in Mobile Multimedia
(iiWAS 2005 and MoMM 2005)
Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology
University of Malaya
50603 Kuala Lumpur

Do you support payment by credit card?

At the moment, we only accept bank transfer and Money Order/Postal Order/Cheque (Malaysian Only). However, we will inform you as soon as this option is available.

How should I pay the registration fees?

By bank transfer or Money Order/Postal Order/Cheque (Malaysian Only)

I have more than one paper accepted. Should I pay registration fees for each paper?

If the same participant is presenting more than one paper, then the fee for every additional paper will be as indicated in the registration page.

I have a difficulty getting financial support to register for the conference. What should I do?

In case you have difficulty in getting financial support, kindly let us know in advance so that we can inform others whose papers are on the waiting list.

How if I can only pay by credit card?

We are sorry but at the moment, we don't support payment by credit card.

What is the refund policy?

We hope you won't need to cancel. Refund requests must be received by September 1st. Requests received by this date will be refunded minus 25% processing fee. No refunds will be granted after September 1st. You can contact

How can I obtain the registration form?

Please refer to the registration page or you can download it here.

When will I hear that my conference registration has been confirmed?

As soon as we receive your payment.

Is there any student financial assistance available?

Unfortunately, no

I am local participant, Do I need to pay the same registration fees as overseas participants?

No, there are special registration fees for participants from local universities, companies, organizations. Please refer to the registration page for more information.

I am Malaysian studying abroad. Is there any special registration fees for me?

Unfortunately no, as long as your affiliation is from outside Malaysia, you have to pay full registration fees.

I submitted a paper and don't want to come to the conference. Is that possible?

We hope you can come. If you have already registered and paid your registration fees, then your paper will be included in the conference proceedings. Otherwise, it will be dropped out.

Can I get a receipt of my registration fees?

Yes, you will receive the receipt (invoice) at the conference site on the first day

I paid the registration fees but can't attend the conference. Can I get the proceedings and a receipt of my payment?

Yes, we send it to you after the conference

Can I mail or Fax my registration? or register online?

You can mail or fax your registration form or register online. However, confirmation of registration is only provided on the receipt of your payment

What if I can't attend and someone else from my team will be replacing me?

No problem.


Travel and Accommodation

How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

Please refer to the venue page.

How do I get from the hotel to the conference venue?

Please refer to the venue page.

I will require accommodation. what options are available?

Please refer to the accommodation page.


Tours and Social Program

I want to spend few more days in Malaysia. What are the available options?

Malaysia is an exciting tourist destination with many interesting places to visit and many different cultures to experience. To explore Malaysia's diversified and unique heritage, optional pre and post conference tour packages have been selected carefully to make your stay most interesting and enjoyable. Please refer to the tours page for more information.

How should I register for the tours?

There will be a hospitality desk at the conference which will be at your disposal to help you decide which tour is the most suitable one for your time and requirments

However, if you have any inqueries or special requests, please contact our official travel agent

TEL :+603-77291044 FAX:+603-77284476

Is there any special event during the conference?

Yes, conference dinner with a special program to be announced later.

I want to bring my spouse (family) to the special event. What should I do?

You need to buy extra tickets. Please indicate that you need more tickets for the conference dinner at the registration desk.



Who is delivering the keynote address?

We have 4 invited talks to be addressed by internationally renown speakers.

How many conference sessions will be there?

This year we have many accepted papers. We plan to have 2-3 parallel sessions

When does the conference start and end every day?

We usually start at 8:30 and ends at 17:00

How do I know about the conference program?

Either through the web site or through the program book you are going to receive within the conference kit.

If my college, company or organization would like to send a flyer to all conference attendees, what should I do?

Just drop it at the registration desk.

Will be there any Internet connection so I can check my email?



How much time is allocated for my presentation?

The presentations will be 20-25 minutes so that some time may be reserved for questions and answers.

What kind of equipments are available for my presentation?

There will be a PC with Microsoft PowerPoint, video projector and overhead projector. Let us know in advance if you will need any special configuration for the presentation.


Visa Requirements

I need a visa to come to Malaysia. How can I get it?

First, check here if you need a visa to visit Malaysia or not. Most countries don't need a visa to visit Malaysia for short stay.

For those who require a visa to come to Malaysia, please send an email to:

Please notice that according to @WAS guidelines:

1. Visa letters will ONLY be issued to:

* Speaker/Presenter
* Committee Members
* Registered participants who have paid their registration fees in full

2. Visa letters will state  only the following facts:
* Conference title, dates and location
* That the applicant has paid the required registration fee in full
* If they are either a committee member, speaker, presenter or participant



Is there any specific dress code?

Please wear whatever you feel comfortable. There is no specific dress code.

What is the exchange rate for Malaysian Ringgit?

Please refer to Exchange Rate for the latest conversion rates.

Where can I find more information about Malaysia

Please refer to the travel page