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Papers Invited to Journal Special Issues


  • Navigation Consistency in Web Site Families (C. Eichinger, M. Schrefl)
  • Aanlysis of Video Streaming with SP & SI Frames in UMTS Mobile Networks (L. Superiori, M. Rupp, W. Karner)
  • New Social & Collaborative Interactive TV Program Formats (S. Bachmayer, A. Lugmayr, G. Kotsis)


  • Smart Adelaide Guide: A Context-Aware Web Application (K. Liao, Q. Z. Sheng, J. Yu, H. S. Wong)
  • Multi-edge decimation in multi-modal 3D collaborative applications (A. S. C. Tan, J. Zhang)
  • Fingerprint Image Processing and Minutiae Extraction for Fuzzy Vault (C. E. Lee, N. Bhattacharjee)
  • Prolonging Network Lifetime Through the Use of Mobile Base Station in Wireless Sensor Networks (O. Jerew, W. Liang)
  • Electromyogram (EMG) Driven System Based Virtual Reality for Prosthetic and Rehabilitation Devices (A. Al-Jumaily, R. A. Olivares)
  • Performance Evaluation of different Transport layer protocols on the IEEE 802.11 and IEEE 802.15.4 MAC/PHY layers for WSN (A. Sharif, V. Potdar, A.J.D.Rathnayaka)
  • Multi-Wheel Graph Neuron: A Distributed Associative Memory for Structured P2P Networks (A. Amir, A.Khan, R.A Raja Mahmood)
  • Current Research Trends and Direction for Future Research in Trust Maintenance for Virtual Environments (O. Fachrunnisa, F. K. Hussain, E. Chang)


  • LooCI: a Loosely-coupled Component Infrastructure for Networked Embedded Systems (Danny Hughes, Klaas Thoelen, Wouter Horré, Nelson Matthys, Javier Del Cid, Sam Michiels, Christophe Huygens, Wouter Joosen)


  • Price Definition in the Establishment of Electronic Contracts for Web Services (F.Gonçalves Marchione, M. Fantinato, M.B. de Toledo, I. M. S. Gimenes)
  • Combining resemblance functions for ontology alignment (J.F. de Souza, R.N. Melo, J. Oliveira, J. de Souza)


  • An Intelligent Agent for Fault Reconnaissance in Sensor Networks (E.M. Shakshuki, X. Xing, T.R. Sheltami)
  • Towards a Universal Ontology for Smart Environments (B. Chikhaoui, Y. Benazzouz, B. Abdulrazak)
  • A New Signature for Quadtree-based Image Matching (N. Khan, I. Ahmad)


  • IEEE 802.11e-EDCF Evaluation through MAC-Layer Metrics over QoS-aware Mobility Constraints (Khaled Dridi, Nadeem Javaid, Boubaker Daachi, Karim Djouani)


  • MIRO: A Mashup Editor Leveraging Web, Grid and Cloud Services (S.Heinzl, D.Seiler, M.Unterberger, A. Nonenmacher, B. Freisleben)
  • Exposing Validity Periods of Prices for Resource Consumption to Web Service Users via Temporal Policies (S.Heinzl, D.Seiler, E.Juhnke, B.Freisleben)
  • Introducing Partner Shared States into ebBP to WS-BPEL Translations (C. Pflügler, A. Schoenberger, G. Wirtz)
  • An Open Carrier Controlled Service Environment for User Generated Mobile Multimedia Services (Niklas Blum, Thomas Magedanz, Horst Stein, Ingo Wo)
  • XML Data Management and XPath Evaluation in Wireless Sensor Networks (Nils Hoeller, Christoph Reinke, Jana Neumann, Sven Groppe, Christian Werner, Volker Linnemann)
  • Bridging the Gaps towards Structured Mobile SOA (A. Papageorgiou, B. Leferink, J. Eckert, N. Repp, R. Steinmetz)


  • Performance Analysis of the Simple Lightweight Authentication Protocol (Gyözö Gódor, Sándor Imre)


  • Entry and Exit Probabilities based Cache Replacement Policy for location dependent data in mobile environments (Mary Magdalene Jane F, Ilayaraja N, Ashwin Raghav M, Nadarajan R, Maytham Safar)


  • Color Quick Response Code for Mobile Content Distribution (K.A. Hadiputra, Nurwono, R. Kosala)


  • An Execution Platform for Event Driven Mashups (Michele Stecca, Massimo Maresca)


  • Content Hole Search in Community-type Content Using Wikipedia (A.Nadamoto, E.Aramaki, T. Abekawa, Y. Murakami)
  • Executing Parallel TwigStack Algorithm on a Multi-core System (I. Machdi, T. Amagasa, H. Kitagawa)
  • Evaluation on Performer Support Methods for Interactive Performances Using Projector (J. Ikeda, Y. Takegawa, T. Terada, M. Tsukamoto)
  • A Flexible Group Communication Protocol with Hybrid Clocks (I. Tsuneizumi, A. Aikebaier, T. Enokido, M. Takizawa)
  • Connectivity based Cognitive Wireless Network for Disaster Information Network (N. Uchida, K. Takahata, Y. Shibata)
  • A Scheduling Method for Selective Contents Broadcasting with Node Relay-Based Webcast Considering User Behavior (Y. Gotoh, T. Yoshihisa, H. Taniguchi, M. Kanazawa)
  • Real-Time Fuzzy Switching Regression Analysis: A Convex Hull Approach (A.A. Ramli, J. Watada, W. Pedrycz)


  • Analysis of Dynamic Social Network: E-mail Massages Exchange Network (M. Safar, H. Farahat, K. Mahdi)
  • Usability Requirements for COTS Based Systems (A. Alsumait, S. Habib)


  • Critical Path Based Approach for Predicting Temporal Exceptions in Resource Constrained Concurrent Workflows (Iok-Fai Leong, Yain-Whar Si, Simon Fong, Robert P. Biuk-Aghai)


  • Garbage Collection in LINDACAP (Nur Izura Udzir, Sileshi Demesie, Hamidah Ibrahim)
  • Security Conscious Composition of Semantic Web Services Based on AI Planning and Description Logic (Sayed Gholam Hassan Tabatabaei, Amir Vahid Dastjerdi, Wan M.N. Wan Kadir, Suhaimi Ibrahim, Elahe Sarafian)
  • Lightweight and Distributed Attack Detection Scheme in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (Raja Azlina Raja Mahmood, Anang Hudaya Muhamad Amin, Amiza Amir, Asad I. Khan)
  • Ranking and Selecting Integrity Tests in a Distributed Database (A.A. Alwan, H. Ibrahim, Nur Izura Udzir)


  • A Service-Oriented Approach to Web Warehousing (H. Ma, K-D. Schewe, B. Thalheim, Q. Wang)


  • Relating ontology and Web terminologies by feature vectors: unsupervised construction and experimental validation (S.L. Tomassen, D. Strasunskas)


  • Predicting Quality of Experience in Multimedia Streaming (V. Menkovski, A. Oredope, A. Liotta, A.C. Sánchez)


  • Association mining of Time Series Dependency (Mourad Ykhlef, Abdulaziz Al-Reshoud)
  • GQLX: A new Graphical Query Language for XML Data (Mourad Ykhlef, Sarra Alqahtani)
  • Performance Evaluation of TELOSB Sensor Network (T.R. Sheltami, E.M. Shakshuki, H.T. Mouftah)


  • Candidate Reduction and Alignment Improvement Techniques Used in Aligning Ontologies (W. Wei Khong Chua, Angela Eck Soong Goh)
  • KnowleTracker: A Semantic Service-Oriented System for Enterprise Campaign Management (Wee-Tiong Ang, Aloysius Tan, Wei-Peng Seeto, Francis Tan, Weng-Fai Tang, Rajaraman Kanagasabai)


  • Securing a Java P2P framework: The JXTA-Overlay case (J.Arnedo-Moreno, K.Matsuo, L.Barolli, F. Xhafa)
  • Towards a user-centered composition system for service-based composite applications (Rafael Fernández, David Lizcano, Sebastián Ortega, Javier Soriano)


  • Web Service Query Service (Manivasakan Sabesan, Tore Risch)


  • Towards an Interactive Multimedia Experience for Club Music and Dance (D.Majoe, I.Kulka, J.Schacher)
  • Enhanced Motion Interaction for Multimedia Applications (Dennis Majoe, Lars Widmer, Juerg Gutknecht)
  • Tools for Designing and Prototyping Activity-based Pervasive Applications (P. Bruegger, D.Lalanne, A. Lisowska, B. Hirsbrun)


  • Micropayment Schemes with Ability to Return Changes (C-N. Yang, C-C. Wu, C-Y. Chiu, S-Y. Chiou, W-C. Liao)
  • Improvement of Hšlbl et al. user authentication protocol and password change protocol (F-Y. Yang, T-D. Wu, M-H Hsu)


  • A Semantic Argumentation Approach to Collaborative Ontology Engineering (K. Maleewong, C. Anutariya, V. Wuwongse)


  • Solving Nuclear Safeguards Evaluation Problem with Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Decision Making Methods (Özgür Kabak, Da Ruan)


  • Streaming Layered Video over P2P Networks (Majed Alhaisoni, Mohammed Ghanbari, Antonio Liotta)
  • Sharing Large Data Collections Between Mobile Peers (B.Tripney, C. Foley, R.Gourlay, J.Wilson)
  • Semantic Data Management for Situation-aware Assistance in Ambient Assisted Living (Liming Chen, Chris Nugent, Ahmad Al-Bashrawi)


  • Trust & Privacy in Att. Based Access Control for Collaboration Environment (W.Smari, J.Zhu, P.Clemente)
  • A Probabilistic Routing Protocol in VANET (Gongjun Yan, Stephan Olariu, Shaharuddin Salleh)


  • Buiding Knowledge Base for Vietnamese Information Retrieval (Thanh C. Nguyen, Hai M. Le, Tuoi T. Phan)
  • To Provide Guidelines for Designing New Mediation Tools and Identifying Matching Technique - A Classification Framework Approach (N.K.Y. Leung, S.K.Lau, J. Fan, S.H. Kang, N. Tsang)
  • Privacy Preserving through A Memorizing Algorithm in Location-Based Services (Q.C.Truong, A.T.Truong, T.K. Dang)
  • BiB+-Tree: An Efficient Multiversion Access Method for Bitemporal Databases (Q.L.Le, T.K. Dang)

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