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A message from the International Organization for Information Integration and Web-based Applications and Services (@WAS).

It is indeed with a great pleasure and honor for me to welcome you at the 11th International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (iiWAS2009), the 7th International Conference on Advances in Mobile Computing and Multimedia (MoMM2009), related workshops, symposium and the masters and doctoral colloquium at Asia e University here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Starting from a small workshop in a developing country with participants from a limited number of regional countries, iiWAS has developed into a reputable global conference. In the last few years, the iiWAS conference has gained a new momentum to move forward. Now, with a sister conference, MoMM, and a list of interesting workshops, the event has served a large scholarly audience.
Over the past eleven years, iiWAS has grown from a very small workshop with only 5 invited speakers to a big conference that has a presence all over the world which can be noticed from the participants participating from over 46 countries this year.
In addition to fostering a forum for exchange and communication of ideas and information among researchers, students, and professionals, the program committee and the organizers of iiWAS2009 and MoMM2009, by various means such as workshops, symposium, short papers and a Master and Doctoral colloquium, have strived to concoct a program of academic and professional excellence while giving young researchers opportunities to present their work and benefit by the experience of their peers and seniors. iiWAS2009, MoMM2009, related workshops, symposium and the master and doctoral colloquium are the results of the hard work, dedication and support of many people. I would like to first thank Professor Dato Dr Ansary Ahmed, the president and CEO of Asia e University for having accepted that AeU hosts and takes a leading role in the organization of the event. Being hosted by AeU this year, iiWAS2009 and MoMM2009 participants will have the opportunity to learn how this young university in Asia, with a diverse portfolio of academic, executive programs and lifelong self-enrichment courses that are delivered through open and flexible study pathways, has positioned itself as a leading institution with the unique qualities of flexibility, international recognition, innovative assessments, Asian studies, third language options, personnel development, close industry relations, partnerships and co-branding, innovative program designs and credit portability. I would like to thank also the program committee co-chairs Dr. David Taniar and Dr. Eric Pardede who worked very hard days and nights to complete the program under a very tight schedule.
I am very grateful to our distinguished keynote speakers, tutorial speakers, and all the authors and participants for their contributions. I appreciate and would like to thank our steering committee chairs and members, program committee, organizing committee at AeU, publicity chairs, Workshops Chairs and organizers, Masters and Doctoral Colloquium Chair, and our General Secretary for the successful organization of an internationally reputable event. We are very grateful that all these people and others behind the scenes who have accepted to put their international academic and professional experience as well as their reputation of excellence at the service of the success of this international event. We hope that we succeeded in disseminating new ideas and results that stem from the presentations and discussions.

Ismail Khalil
President @WAS

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