Accepted ERPAS Papers

ID Title Author(s) Country
2 Performance Analysis of OFDM System Under AWGN and Multipath Fading Environments Emad Hassan Egypt
51 SpeechKit: A Multimedia Speech Tool David Calder Australia
57 Wireless Electronic Drums Paul Piscoi and Marius Marcu Romania
78 Computer Vision Method for Pianist's Fingers Information Retrieval Sotirios Manitsaris and Georgios Pekos Greece
81 The Virtual Panorama: A Case Study in HCI Sven Stauber, Philipp Bönhof and Jürg Gutknecht Switzerland
18 Challenges of IEEE 802.11 Wireless Mesh Network Shafiullah Khan, Kok-Keong Loo, Tahir Naeem and Mohammad Abrar Khan UK
26 Content Adaptation: Requirements and Architecture Merat Shahidi, Abdelhak Attou, Klaus Moessner and Hamid Aghvami UK
29 Impact of Multimedia Instructional Materials on the Attainment of Higher Order Cognitive Skills: A Literature Review Emily Bagarukayo and Victor Mbarika USA
36 Anticipated it Infrastructure and Supply Chain Integration Capabilities for RFID and their Associated Deployment Outcomes Rebecca Angeles Canada
54 The IP-Multimedia Subsystem with an e-Learning Management System and integrated Video Conferencing Michael Massoth and Roman Korn Germany
83 Comparison of stereo displaying techniques in POV-Ray 3D generated scenes Tibor Skala and Mirsad Todorovac Croatia
88 Business Exploitation Cases For Providing Pervasiveness Services Fernando Santos, José M. Oliveira, Renato Roque, Isabelle Korthals and Riccardo Pascotto Portugal
93 Processing algorithm of imagistic information according to characteristic texture in multimedia data base M Jurian and Flori Enescu Romania