Accepted ERPAS Papers

ID Title Author(s) Country
8 The use of Soft Computing Approaches "FL" Models for Medical Prognosis "NPC" Oras Baker and Sameem Abdul Kareem Malaysia
17 Combining FIPA Agents and Web Services for the Design of Tailorable Groupware Architecture Nader Cheaib, Samir Otmane and Malik Mallem France
39 Towards a Software Component Ontology Pornpit Wongthongtham Australia
48 Three Behavioral Models of Web Searching for Legal Information Michitsugu Yamauchi and Akifumi Tokosumi Japan
82 IT-Supported Integration of Semi-Autonomous Mobile Machines and Processes into Business and Service Models Chris Loeser, Ralf Trunko, Thilo Steckel, Kevin Podratz and Frieder Swoboda Germany
83 Toward Autonomic Pervasive Computing Charles Gouin-Vallerand, Bessam Abdulrazak, Sylvain Giroux and Mounir Mokhtari Canada
95 An Architecture for Dynamic Organization and Publication in Semantic Portals Fernanda Lachtim, Ana Maria Moura and Maria Cláudia Cavalcanti Brazil
ERPAS 1 Combining Content Extraction Heuristics: The CombinE System Thomas Gottron Germany
ERPAS 2 Challenges of Business Service Monitoring in the Internet of Services Matthias Winkler Germany
ERPAS 9 Automatic Acquisition of Vernacular Places Andre Blessing Germany
ERPAS 14 A Retrieval Method of WEB Bulletin Board Articles using Other Users' Evaluation of Past Retrieval Results Koichi Iwai, Yohei Sakurai, Masanori Akiyoshi and Norihisa Komoda Japan
ERPAS 19 A Retrieval Method for Similar Q&A Articles of Web Bulletin Board with Relevance Index derived from Commercial Web Search Engine Masanori Akiyoshi, Koichi Iwai and Norihisa Komoda Japan
12 The integration of sqi in a reuSABLE learning objects system: advantages and disadvantages Antonio Ortiz Baíllo, Salvador Otón Tortosa, José-Javier Martínez, José Ramón Hilera, Roberto Barchino and José María Gutiérrez Spain
13 Crimeblips – Web service allowing the visualization and analysis of crime incident data Stefan Kovachev, Patrick Reichert and Hendrik Speck Germany
25 Web-based CASE Tool for UML Diagramming Sellappan Palaniappan and Louis Ling Malaysia
56 A Secure Mobile Agents Approach for Anomalies Detection on Firewalls Fakher Ben Ftima, Kamel Karoui and Henda Ben Ghzela Tunisia
74 Web-based knowledge database construction method for supporting design Kiyotaka Takahashi, Aki Sugiyama, Yoshiki Shimomura, Takeshi Tateyama, Ryosuke Chiba, Masaharu Yoshioka and Hideaki Takeda Japan
93 Dynamic Service Integration using Web-based Workflows Pedro Lopes, Joel Arrais and José Luís Oliveira Portugal
96 A Model-Prover for Constrained Dynamic Conversations Diletta Romana Cacciagrano, Flavio Corradini, Rosario Culmone, Luca Tesei and Leonardo Vito Italy
115 Re-examining Electronic Commerce Adoption among Bruneian SMEs Afzaal H Seyal Brunei
118 A Model Driven Approach for the Development of Adaptable Service Oriented Systems Adil Kenzi, Bouchra El Asri, Mahmoud Nassar and Abdelaziz Kriouile Morocco
ERPAS 17 A Web-Based DSS for the Evaluation of an ERP System Zaitun Abu Bakar and Zaini Zainol Malaysia
ERPAS 3 Research Topic Recommendation System: An Approach based on Semantic Relation in Context Min-Ho Lee, Won-Kyun Joo and Nam-Gyu Kang Korea
ERPAS 12 Services through NFC technology in AmI Environment Chavira Juarez Gabriel Mexico
SP1 Third-Party Approach to Controlling Digital Copiers Yasuhiro Fujii, Ryu Ebisawa, Yumiko Togashi, Takaaki Yamada, Yoshinori Honda and Seiichi Susaki Japan
SP2 Security in Web 2.0 Application Development Ahmad Noureddine and Meledath Damodaran US