Accepted Short Papers

ID Title Author(s) Country
14 Building an Arabic Learning Object Repository with an ad hoc Recommendation Engine Hend Al-Khalifa Saudi Arabia
21 Model-Driven Engineering of composite Web services using UML-S Christophe Dumez, Jaafar Gaber and Maxime Wack France
42 ARNEIS: A Web-based Intelligent Repository of ICT Solutions for E-business Anna Goy, Diego Magro and Federico Prato Italy
49 A Taxonomy and Survey of Content Adaptation Systems for Heterogenous Environment Mohd Farhan Md Fudzee and Jemal Abawajy Australia
53 Structuring Service-Oriented Activities in Programmable Multi-Service Netoworks Dionisis Adamopoulos Greece
58 A Dynamic Platform for Business Process Management (BPM) using Service-Oriented Enterprise (SOE) Nantika Prinyapol and Joshua Fan Australia
63 A Double-agent Architecture for Collaborative Supply Chain Formation Simon Fong and Yang Hang Macau
75 An Analytical Survey of Large Web Applications Development in Large Jordanian Web Development Enterprises Omaima Al-Allaf, Dr. Asim El-Sheikh and Ghassan Al-Utaibi Jordan
76 The effect of Semantic Index in Information Retrieval development Thanh Nguyen and Tuoi Phan Vietnam
81 Model-Driven Development of Composite Web Applications Dimitrios Kateros, Georgia Kapitsaki, Christos Pappas, Nikolaos Tselikas and Iakovos Venieris Greece
88 On-the-fly Collaboration in Distributed Systems through Service Semantic Overlay Devis Bianchini, Valeria De Antonellis, Michele Melchiori and Denise Salvi Italy
92 Composing Adaptable-Resources for Answering Complex Queries in Distributed Systems Yacine Sam France
94 Implementing and Operating an Internet Scale Distributed Application using Service Oriented Architecture Principles and Cloud Computing Infrastructure Jeff Sedayao USA
107 Flexible Approach for Representing Object-Oriented Databases in XML Format Reda Alhajj Canada