iiWAS2017/MoMM2017 Journal Selections

Dear iiWAS2017/MoMM2017 participants, the program committee has selected a list of papers who's authors will be invited to submit extended versions of their papers to distinguished international journals. The editors will contact the invited authors with details on the submission process shortly.

The selected papers are:

International Journal of Pervasive Computing and Communications (IJPCC)

  • Yu Suzuki, Hiromitsu Ohara and Akiyo Nadamoto. Finding Missing Tweets using Topic Structure and Browsing time.
  • Samira Sadeghi and Ivan Mizera. Bandwidth and Resource Allocation Optimization Through a Probabilistic Algorithm for Mobile TV.
  • Yuki Kano and Tatsuo Nakajima. A New Approach to Mining Work in Blockchain Technologies.
  • Minori Inoue and Takefumi Ogawa. One tap owner authentication on smartphones.
  • Imen Arfaoui, Noureddine Boudriga and Khalifa Trimeche. WSN-based Border Surveillance Systems Using Estimated Known Crossing Paths.
  • Vinicius Segalin, Carina Dorneles and Mario Dantas. An Advance Reservation Approach to Enhance Performance in a Cloud Database Environment.
  • Karoline Saatkamp, Uwe Breitenbücher, Frank Leymann and Michael Wurster. Generic Driver Injection for Automated IoT Application Deployments.
  • Anna Maria Al Zubaidi-Polli, Nervo Verdezoto, Nawfal Al Zubaidi R-Smith and Gabriele Anderst-Kotsis. Ex-situ Technology Appropriation of an e-Deliberation platform in an Art Gallery.
  • Misato Kotani, Kento Goto and Motomichi Toyama. Generating 3D virtual museum using SuperSQL.
  • Dabin You and Ha Yoon Song. Urban Mobility Model Generation with Public Taxi Transportation Data.
  • André Fonteles, Sylvain Bouveret and Jérôme Gensel. A programming framework for Spatial Crowdsourcing.

The Journal of Mobile Multimedia (JMM)

  • Komal Komal, Nandita Bhattacharjee, David Albrecht and Bala Srinivasan. Transformational Approach for Alignment-free Image.
  • Markus Schedl and Christine Bauer. Introducing global and regional mainstreaminess for improving personalized music recommendation.
  • Willian Zamora, Carlos Calafate, Juan-Carlos Cano, Pietro Manzoni and Willian Zamora. Smartphone tuning for accurate ambient noise assessment.
  • María Del Carmen Rodríguez Hernández, Sergio Ilarri, Raquel Trillo-Lado and Ramón Hermoso. Context-Aware Recommendations Using Mobile P2P.
  • Yuta Kusamura, Toshiyuki Amagasa, Hiroyuki Kitagawa and Yusuke Kozawa. Efficient Content-based Image Retrieval for Position Estimation on GPU.
  • Aleksandar Karadimche and Danco Davcev. Bayesian Network Model for Estimating User Satisfaction of Multimedia Cloud Services .
  • Emna Daknou, Mariem Thaalbi and Nabil Tabbane. Efficient Density–Aware Warning Message Dissemination Scheme for Clustered VANETs.
  • Nadia Belguerche, Noureddine Lasla and Mahfoud Benchaiba. On optimal robot displacement for efficient coverage in WSN.
  • Bernhard Göschlberger. Gamification in Mobile and Workplace Integrated MicroLearning.

International Journal of Web Information Systems (IJWIS)

  • Bruno C. N. Oliveira, Alexis Huf, Ivan L. Salvadori and Frank Siqueira. Automatic Semantic Enrichment of Data Services.
  • Martin Nečaský, Jiri Helmich and Jakub Klímek. Platform for Automated Previews of Linked Data.
  • Jorge Martinez-Gil, Bernhard Freudenthaler and Thomas Natschlaeger. Automatic Recommendation of Prognosis Measures for Mechanical Components based on Massive Text Mining.
  • Fernando Sanchez, Alvaro Fernandes and Klitos Christodoulou. Quantifying Integration Quality Using Feedback on Mapping Results.
  • Chaw Thet Zan and Hayato Yamana. A Variable-Length Motifs Discovery Method in Time Series using Hybrid Approach.
  • Werner Mach. A Simulation Environment for WS-Agreement Negotiation Compliant Strategies.
  • Saki Nagaki and Hiroyuki Kitagawa. Recency-based Candidate Selection for Efficient Entity Linking.
  • Luca Mazzola, Patrick Kapahnke and Matthias Klusch. ODERU: Optimal Service Composition for Semantic Enhanced Process Model in Manufacturing.
  • Takuhiro Kagawa, Sachio Saiki and Masahide Nakamura. Visualizing and Analyzing Street Crimes Using Personalized Security Information Service PRISM.
  • Carsten Radeck and Klaus Meißner. A Customizable Recommender System for Mashup Platforms.
  • Ivan Salvadori, Bruno Oliveira, Alexis Armin Huf, Eduardo Camilo Inacio and Frank Siqueira. An Ontology Alignment Framework for Data-based Microservices.